Rancho Bernardo Heating is focused on home efficiency, including saving energy on heaters and furnaces, HVAC service and more!

We service all types of heaters, furnaces and heat pumps and also provide maintenance’s programs to all San Diego residents. For a Furnace Service/Estimate and Inspection by one of our expert  technicians, contact us online or call us today for a Free Service Call!

High Cost of Comfort

For decades, electricity, gas costs were low enough that we didn’t need to worry about our monthly utility bills. But today’s growing energy demand has caused electricity and fuel prices to shoot up — and it will only get worse. Because heating and cooling make up almost 50% of your house’s energy budget, it’s critical for your heating system be as efficient as possible.

You Can’t Get High Efficiency Out of a Low Efficiency Furnace or Heater

The older your furnace equipment is, the lower its efficiency. Today’s heater and furnace equipment is a lot better at converting fuel or electricity into home heat. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate for heater repair or replacement! We are here to help!